The LLR in Accommodation – 3 major issues to consider

This is the 3 things you have to have a strong foot down when it comes to getting an accommodation.

Location – This means that the PG in OMR or any other location you prefer should be near your college, office etc. And the society and surroundings must be domestic resident area rather than a profitable “less rent” area in the view of safety and security. Always Find a place that is accessible by public transport 24/7. Always see the current roommates or neighbours and their, behaviour, likes, dislikes, etc.

Limitations – Check with the owner for all limitations to be if all there are any goes for it. Each place has severe restrictions such as parties, the sound level after dark, and night for friends is a big NO. All small things, you should check with the provider first. And there should be no Restrictions on the convenience at the point of cooking. This means that food should be included in the amount of rent or do you have to make your own. And yes, the kitchen should be a priority, so if you want something hot to make it for your self and then the kitchen is a must.

Rent – Now comes the big thing that most concerns rent, the rent is normally higher for a room when it comes to accommodation, as there are many services provided by proprietors. Preferable reference, search, reference numbers and in a person known as friends, relatives, colleagues, etc will also be cheaper compared to brokers.

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